Memory Foam

Where can I see the Toppers and Pillows?

(All orders are dispatched, or available, from our Auckland warehouse)

Beds R Us
Address: 7 Gumdigger Pl, Raumanga, Whangarei 0110
Phone: 09-438 3550

Woods Furniture – Wairau Park
Address: 17/18 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627
Phone: 09-444 8166

Woods Furniture – Penrose
Address: 4/531 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland 1061
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Where can I see the Mattress?

Woods Furniture – Wairau Park
Address: 17/18 Link Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627
Phone: 09-444 8166

Woods Furniture – Penrose
Address: 4/531 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland 1061
Phone: 09-579 9866

Which topper is best for me?

Our Lite topper is our cost-effective solution that will give adequate support and comfort but has a restricted life span. We therefore recommend this topper for casual or occasional use on guest beds, boats, caravans etc.
It also works very well on fold-out sofa beds.

Our Classic 50mm topper provides all the benefits of memory foam, adding that extra layer of comfort over your existing mattress.

Our 75mm Cooltrax TM topper provides the full therapeutic benefits of memory foam and for those wanting to indulge in some extra luxury. It is especially suitable for those weighing over 75kg and features a unique cooling system to provide extra air circulation while you sleep.

Our Smartgel™ Honeycomb-Gel Topper is specially designed for hot sleepers. It provides all the benefits of our 75mm topper, featuring a gel-infused memory foam, topped with our unique, honeycombed gel-infused cover on the gel side, making it fully reversible for hot or cold nights.

Will a topper overcome my sagging mattress or base?

Please note that a topper will not overcome a sagging mattress or base as over time the topper also will sag.

What is the best quality of memory foam to buy?

Look for density

Foam quality is measured by density (NOT thickness). The denser the foam, the more support it gives you and the longer it will last. A SlumberTop’s density of 70kg is considered optimum for proper therapeutic support. Thicker foams do not necessarily provide better support. A lower density (and therefore lower quality) requires thicker foam to provide similar support. A density of 50-60kg has an expected lifespan of only 3 years. With normal use, your SlumberTop should provide 10 years or more of comfort.

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What is memory foam?

Unique & Revolutionary

A unique and revolutionary visco-elastic material developed by NASA in the 60’s to counteract the G-forces encountered by their astronauts, that recovers its shape quickly and easily.

For more unbiased information on memory foam visit sleep passport

What else is memory foam used for?

In commercial aviation seating where its super-motion-absorption properties ensure the comfort of long-haul pilots and first-class passengers and in hospital beds where its super-therapeutic properties aid patient recovery.

How does memory foam work?

Moulds to the contours of your body

Memory foam is heat-sensitive allowing it to mould to the contours of your body.
With even weight distribution and being fully supported, your body experiences less nerve compression and increased blood flow, allowing you to move into a deep, uninterrupted REM sleep – essential for a proper night’s rest. In short, memory foam will help you sleep better.

Why buy a memory foam mattress topper?

Super comfortable & super affordable

Memory foam is super comfortable and super affordable.
Is your current mattress hard or uncomfortable?  Are you experiencing restless nights? Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to replacing your entire mattress?  Do you want to experience the therapeutic benefits of memory foam or are you just looking for a really comfy night’s  sleep?  Look no further – a mattress topper could be the answer.
Buyers of memory foam toppers and mattresses of all ages report :

  1. Relief from backaches and joint pain
  2. Reduced tossing and turning leading to an enhanced sleeping experience
  3. Waking up feeling refreshed and energised
  4. Increased mobility

Memory foam also has motion-deadening properties, which means you can be assured of a proper night’s rest if even if your partner tosses and turns throughout the night.

How can memory foam help me get more sleep?

Induces REM Sleep

Restlessness is often caused by a lack of proper mattress support and cuts into the amount of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep that you get during the night. REM sleep is the most essential part of your sleep cycle and can take as long as 90 minutes to reach. If you toss and turn during the night, even if you don’t wake up, you will not reach the REM sleep-stage and you will not wake up feeling rested. Memory foam toppers give your body the comfort and support you need to reach REM sleep.
How do memory foam toppers eliminate tossing and turning?

How do memory foam toppers eliminate tossing and turning?

Contours to your curves

Tossing and turning is your body’s way of seeking the support it needs to allow your muscles to completely relax. Memory foam toppers answer your body’s need for support by contouring to your curves, allowing your muscles to relax. With a memory foam topper you need only get into your favourite sleeping position and let the foam contour around you for a restful night.

How can memory foam relieve aches and pains?

Relieves pressure points

A large reason for morning aches and pains can also be explained by the lack of support your body receives from your mattress. A traditional flat mattress forces your spine to assume a position that it does not choose to take, forcing your spine to contour to the shape of your mattress, therefore increasing pressure points on your hips and shoulders. With a memory foam topper your body rests in a supported position, not forcing your spine to contour to the shape of your mattress – your memory foam topper contours to you!

Can I use my electric blanket?

Electric blankets may be placed on top of your topper, using a LOW setting but switched off before retiring. However, because of the heat sensitive nature of memory foam we DO NOT recommend their use. The heat from the blanket also creates an unnatural barrier that reduces the effectiveness of memory foam’s moulding properties.
Please note therefore that any damage to SlumberTop memory foam products resulting from use of an electric blanket are NOT covered by our warranty.