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Memory Foam and Gel Mattress Toppers in Hamilton Provide Pain Relief and Much More

If you’re waking up in pain in the morning, it might be time to add a memory foam mattress topper in Hamilton. Memory foam and gel mattress toppers provide the support and comfort your body needs to rest and repair so you can awake refreshed and ready to start the day. SlumberTop offers high quality memory foam and gel mattress toppers that help you sleep better and reduce pain so you can hit the ground running upon waking. You’ll have more energy and clearer thinking after a restful night’s sleep.

Benefits of a Mattress Topper in Hamilton

Memory foam conforms to your body allowing pressure points such as hips and shoulders to receive proper support while you sleep. This support reduces pressure providing a deeper sleep and less pain in the morning. Once you get out of bed, the foam returns to its original position ready for your return later. Your body will melt into the foam providing support and stress relief for a deeper sleep.

Temperature control is another positive feature of a memory foam topper. Memory foam helps dissipate body heat keeping you cooler and more comfortable. A gel mattress topper in Hamilton provides even greater temperature control with open cells that dissipate more body heat which is beneficial for women experiencing hot flashes. Injured areas of the body generate more heat as well, and a memory foam or gel mattress topper in Hamilton provides relief to the injured area and helps with better blood flow for faster healing.

Other benefits include allergen reduction as the polyurethane foam inhibits the collection of allergy-causing dust mites so you can breathe easier. A mattress foam topper in Hamilton also reduces motion transference so your partner’s sleep movements won’t disturb your rest.

About SlumberTop Mattress Toppers

We have been producing high quality memory foam toppers in Hamilton for almost a decade. We offer two thicknesses that provide the support you’ve been seeking. Our 50 mm foam topper offers adequate support for most people. Our 75 mm foam topper works best for hard mattresses and people over 90kg. Our foam topper is covered in a washable bamboo fabric made from a sustainable source.

Our gel foam toppers have a silky side that provides cooling benefits in summer and a bamboo fabric side to provide more warmth in the winter. Gel toppers are best for side sleepers as they give more support for hips and shoulders ensuring you wake up without stiffness. We ventilate all our toppers before shipping to eliminate bad odours, and we roll them up for shipment. Our mattress toppers are extremely dense to eliminate slippage once placed on your bed.

We offer a five-year warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied with the results our toppers provide, you can return it for a full refund. For more information on our memory foam and gel mattress toppers, contact our friendly staff who are ready to help you get a better night’s rest and awake refreshed and pain-free.