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Experience Amazing Sleep with Memory Foam Gel Mattress Toppers in Napier

Your body knows the difference between a good night’s sleep and one where you’re just getting by. If you’re waking up in the morning sore, overly tired, or consistently irritable, it’s possible that your bed may be at the root of your problems. Different people have different sleep preferences, and over time, a person’s preference can change, too. Regardless of your preference for firm or soft support, you’ll find a memory foam topper in Napier that provides the support best suited to you.

Discover How Our Gel Mattress Toppers in Napier are Intelligently Designed for the Highest Quality

The greatest measure of a mattress’s quality is in the material used to make it. Our mattress toppers in Napier feature natural bamboo fibre covers. These covers provide several benefits, including being anti-microbial, anti-fungal and dust-mite resistant. These resistances prolong the effective life of your mattress foam toppers and are coupled with the natural benefit of bamboo fibre in keeping temperatures cool. Even the right support can be uncomfortable if the temperature is too high.

Another benefit of using natural materials is that we can minimise any lingering odours often found in memory foam. We use the necessary ingredients to render the foam topper ready to use, but we add one additional step: we pre-ventilate the mattress foam toppers in Napier prior to shipment. You can breathe easy when you receive your mattress topper, as the only thing you’ll smell is the fabric softener from your bed sheets.

Additional features of a memory foam mattress topper in Napier include an ISO 9001 accreditation, confirming that there is nothing in your mattress topper that could cause harm to you or your loved ones. We’ve improved the durability of our toppers with a significant upgrade to the density, which also helps prevents the topper from sliding around atop your mattress.

Learn What Sets SlumberTop Apart from Other Foam Mattress Topper Manufacturers

We firmly believe that you will thoroughly enjoy your mattress topper. Nevertheless, it’s a combination of three major factors: your body, your mattress and the topper. Due to several of these variables being outside of our control, we offer you a 100% risk-free trial, so you can try the mattress topper for yourself. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, you are free to return the mattress to us for a complete refund, less the cost of shipping and delivery.

We’re proud to be the only company in New Zealand to specialise exclusively in memory foam products, including mattress toppers. Our founder has a long history working with textiles in New Zealand for over 40 years, and he created SlumberTop in 2010 due to the superior qualities of memory foam products. We’re excited to make lifelong customers because the second time you buy a mattress topper, years from now, you’ll be happier and better rested. Contact us to learn more about our memory foam mattress toppers and our risk-free trial period.