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Mattress Topper Pads and Foam Padding for Sale

SlumberTop can become your friend in the mattress industry. Are you on the hunt for foam padding for sale in NZ? Come to SlumberTop and see for yourself what sets us apart and makes our products so special.

How Our Foam Mattress Topper Sale Can Help You

Our goal is to help you find the ideal foam mattress topper on sale . You can save up to $103 on one of our toppers that was $685 but is now $582 so you don’t have to break the bank to sleep comfortably. Here are a few benefits of using a foam mattress topper.

  • They can reduce the pressure of a hard mattress that causes tossing and turning throughout the night. Constantly moving during the night due to discomfort can disrupt your sleep patterns as well as being irritating to your partner as they probably wake up just as many times as you do from being kicked or jabbed in the ribs all night.
  • Mattress toppers are cheaper than buying an entirely new mattress. They are an affordable option if you are stuck with a rock-hard mattress that causes strain and back pain every night. Living your daily life with debilitating backaches shouldn’t be something you need to live with either. Memory foam mattress toppers can be life-changing.
  • If you struggle with constant allergies, you may benefit significantly from buying one of our mattress pads on sale as memory foam is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial which means they will collect fewer dust mites and may give you relief from allergies.

About SlumberTop and What Sets Us Apart

Our online store has been open since August 2010, and since then we have been striving towards providing improved sleep for all with our high-quality memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers. Our 70kg memory foam has a decidedly long lifespan, and due to this successful construction, our production has stayed the same since our inception in 2010 because we believe that if something isn’t broken, there’s no need to fix it. We have built a reputation for exceptional after sales service that you can rely on after buying our products in the unlikely event of any problems. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee; no questions asked should you be unhappy for any reason.

SlumberTop foam products are ventilated at a factory before shipping which means you don’t have to deal with the unpleasant off-gassing people expect when buying memory foam products. We aim to make the process of purchasing a mattress or topper as pleasant as possible, and we always think about customer satisfaction. Our founder, Rudi Gitmans, has been involved with the New Zealand textile trade industry for some 50 years. He was one of the first people to introduce top-quality memory foam toppers to New Zealand.

Take a look at our mattress topper sale and contact us to buy a memory foam topper that may change the way you sleep entirely making your life that much easier.