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Here is a small selection of the numerous unsolicited comments we have received from our customers. 

Thank you for my slumber top.  I had a great night sleep last night and woke up without any pain.  Even though my bed was new and it came with a soft top I still woke up with sore pressure points.  Not any more. Thank you so much.  I am very greatful. 

Bernadine - Levin (1215)  

I am so thrilled and sleep so much better – WHAT a great product – where once there was real pain there is just lovely sleep!                                                    

Mary - Leeston, Canterbury

Took delivery of my SlumberTop at 8am this morning , I unpacked it left it for an hour then made my bed , I went back to bed as I work nights and all I can say is BRILLIANT !!!! I have a new Sealy mattress that I love and wanted to go a bit further and get rid of the ever so slight hardness of it. It is like sleeping on a $20,000 mattress now I’m so glad I found your website and did not go for a cheaper Trademe one. As for the smell it is not nearly as bad as some people had told me it can be. And I can tell it will be gone in a few days. My flatmate thinks it’s very cool and I think he will be getting one, I also will be spreading the word.
William – Parnell, Auckland

Been sleeping on top for week now. I have one complaint – It is so comfortable I cannot get Anne out of bed in the morning. She is having the best sleeps she has had for many years. She can even sleep on her side – no pressure points. Having been spreading the word around Hastings, a lot of interest.
Noel – Hastings

Thank you Rudi for the promptness of your order, I ordered on Thursday morning and it was here Friday afternoon. I have now spent 3 nights on the SlumberTop and what a vast improvement for my hip, knee and ankle joints. May it continue that way.
Dierdre – Taupo

My wife had to have major surgery which meant having stomers (bags) for both her bowel and bladder. That plus the operation made it impossible to sleep on her side in the hospital bed. When she got home we found that our recently purchased 75mm Topper was the best thing we could have done. Now she can manage to sleep on her side due to the way the topper reacts to pressure points. Has been the best investment we have made to help her recovery. Love the fact that it doesn’t transfer movement. I have just ordered 2 of these toppers for my daughters for their sweet dreams.
Wayne – Diamond Harbour

We have been using the SlumberTop for about a month, it is excellent.
Serge – Silverstream

Fitted to sprung base, with inner spring mattress, last Monday morning and enjoyed a most restful night’s sleep. No tossing/turning as has been the case with just a 2.5mm standard foam topper which I’ve been using. The rest of the week has been a repetition of the first night and I feel quite refreshed each morning. A great product! Invited my younger daughter to try it for a few minutes, her comment:
“Wow! It’s like lying on a cloud!”
Noel – Wellington

I am loving my SlumberTop — really comfortable, cozy and warm, so haven’t had to use my electric blanket, the pressure point aches and pains have gone, am sleeping much better – and, it has solved an expensive mistake I made by buying a bed that turned out to be too firm! Great!
Gillian – Dunedin

The SlumberTop is amazing. No more aches and pains on waking in the morning from a too firm mattress. And it suits us both, which is amazing. We have the best of both worlds now – good support and luxurious comfort thanks to SlumberTop. We just love it!
Anne – Corstorphine

SlumberTop arrived safely been on the bed a week and it is wooonderful!!!! warm (considering the appalling weather i got it just in time!!) cosy and so comfortable no more waking in the night with sore hips and knees and hubby says the same he is no longer getting in and out of bed and disturbing me either we both sleep through the night. Best investment we have made in a long while. Thanks heaps.
Patsy – Waikara

After teaching for many years, 10 years ago I developed multiple illnesses and hence a lack of income. When I finally received the superannuation, it was lovely to have some financial independence again. I debated carefully if I could manage to get one of the SlumberTop’s or if it would be another over-rated product and waste of precious finances.
It has surpassed my expectations!
Less pressure points (which was what I was hoping for) but also warm – I have not had to use the electric blanket. More importantly though, I have been able to get between 4 and 5 hours undisturbed sleep at a time and this has improved my quality of life no end.
It is so good, I just wish I could afford one right now for my daughter, who is developing the same problems, but we will save up together and get her one too as this product is worth every penny. Words do not fully express the way I feel right now. I am rapt and very grateful to you. So please accept this note with my heart-felt thanks.
Glen – Wanganui

Thank you very much. The boys are going to sleep well tonight. I would like to thank you for the outstanding customer service you have provided and am happy for you to quote that on your website. You went above and beyond.
Lisa – North Canterbury

We have only slept on our SlumberTop for 4 nights but we can’t believe how much of a difference it has made. It instantly felt as though every bone was cushioned and they no longer ached like they used to. We absolutely love it. Thank you so much.
Bev and Len – Te Awamutu

Thanks for sending the memory foam topper pad so promptly.
I’m very pleased with it. I find it supports my painful joints and would recommend it to others.
Jenny – Gore

Hi Rudi, my topper arrived on Friday and I’ve had 2 wonderfully comfortable night’s sleep on it. It was exactly what I needed for my hard slat bed and mattress. Thanks so much.
Jill – Canterbury

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the SlumberTop. I can find only one down side to it and that is that I do not want to get out of bed in the morning. This is truly a splendid product and my sore back a thing of the past. Also, your prompt service is second to none. Outstanding. Everyone should sleep on one of these. Thanks again.
Lena – Lower Hutt

Excellent company to trade with. Let us know straight away when mattress was dispatched. We so pleased with our mattress and is everything we hoped for in a memory foam. Thanks so much.
Robyn  Taupo

It’s been about 3 weeks now. I didn’t want to place feedback until I had really tested the underlay. Honestly I knew what I was going to say after the first night! AWESOME! It is Fabulous and everyone should have one! Worth every penny! My only problem is the kids keep sneaking into my bed now and I have nowhere to sleep. I have to buy them one now Ha Ha! Thank you for the wonderful Trade and product. Highly recommended to All AAAAAAA+++++++
Martin – Manukau City

just want to let you know that we are delighted with our memory foam mattress thank you so much it has made an amazing difference more so for my husband as he has a bad back for many years once again thank you.
Ante & Jenny – Otautau

A1 communication and delivery. I love it, thanks very much.
Sandy  Dunedin

What an amazing product! We were going to get rid of our mattress and box sprung base which cost us a fortune only 3 years ago and was like sleeping on concrete! Then I saw your advertisement on Choice TV and we bought the 2 inch Queen size SlumberTop and have had fantastic sleep since and the bed is now very comfortable and warm! I managed to get rid of the electric blanket and find the bed is warm to get into and stays warm all night long. Wow thank you, we saved ourselves a lot of money by buying your product. Cheers.
Gail and Don – Wellington

Awesome topper, so warm at nights and waking up so refreshed Look forward to hoping in bed now as it helps with all my aches n pains Will even buy for my children so they get a better nights sleep Thanx again for a wonderful product.
Maria – Paremoremo

Many thanks for the prompt and efficient service from the ordering to the receiving of the Memory Foam SlumberTop.
Before sleeping on this wonderful topper-pad, I suffered from restless nights due to sore and numb hips but now I have the best sleep ever … no more tossing and turning . I Can thoroughly recommend this product to anyone who suffers sore hips. I now enjoy a good night’s sleep.
Stephanie – Hastings

This is to thank you on our win of the SlumberTop with Choice TV , Since I hurt my back in 1977 and was in Otara Spinal Unit I have tried all types of beds and I have never been able to get a good night’s sleep until now. So with thanks to SlumberTop I am getting to sleep. Thank You Very Much.
Bruce – Henderson

This is the second topper pad I have bought. We found ours so comfortable that I bought this one as a birthday gift for my parents.
Sandra – Carterton

My back and hips are slowly returning to normal after just a couple of nights sleep on this magic product. I’m 75mm higher than my other half as he prefers the firm bed and I just love the warm, yet not hot, full support of my new bed!! Thank you so much.
Rose – Albany

Great service and a fantastic product thanks heaps for a better sleep.
Greg – Christchurch

I’m very pleased with my topper. So pleased that I want to get another for my friend. I’ll go to your website and order it now. Thanks.
Nancy – Kaitaia

This is the third topper we’ve bought, excellent trader and great product, thanks!
Mark – Tauranga

All received in prompt and perfect order, thank you folks!
We did get a laugh on unwrapping the Slumbertop and found we had to work fast – the rate of expansion rivalled that of a lady after a tight corset’s removal.
The first night was a bit strange, getting used to the lack of reaction of a sprung mattress but by night two we both slept well and awoke much more refreshed than usual.
As a hot sleeper and especially with it being so hot overnight I wondered how it would be with the topper, huge relief to be able to report that overheating was NOT a problem!
Thank you for the great service and we have already recommended the SlumberTop to friends.
Cheers and Zzzzzzzzzzzz’s
Jannine and Gary – Stoke

Thank you for your quick service. My husband is finding the pad just great, he has had surgery on his hip and it is going to take some time to come right and this pad has made the bed so much softer to sleep on.
Sheryl  Hamilton

I bought a new bed but found the mattress extremely firm. Admittedly after a few months hubby and I started to get used to it. As we both did 12 hr shifts and physical work all we wanted was a comfy bed. The 75mm SlumberTop just made so much difference – we now look forward to going to bed at night. I even hauled it off the bed and took it camping! Didn’t want to be without it!
S. Smith – Timaru

Great, fast and friendly trade. Mattress (topper) is so comfy and it has already made a difference to my back problems, best investment I have done in a long time.
Annette – Whangaparaoa

I am waiting for a hip replacement, living with terrible pain and have had a hard time trying to get some sleep – hence the decision to buy the pad. And what a difference. The first night I slept right through until 5.30 am which was unheard of. Subsequently although I do wake at various times I find I can get straight back to sleep really quickly which certainly wasn’t the situation before. I used to dread going to bed and lying awake for ages. What a wonderful improvement the Slumber Pad has made and once I’ve got my new bionic hip it’ll be very hard to get up ever again! Many thanks; a great investment.
Lesley – Cambridge


Just dropping you a wee note to say thank you. We got our SlumberTop about 3 weeks ago and from the first night we slept better. After the first 7 to 10 days, it wasn’t coming off the bed.Now we wouldn’t be without it. Deeper more restful sleep, not moving around anywhere near as much. My Osteopath says I don’t need to see her as much, as I’m not waking up as sore anywhere near as much as I was and my back responded a lot faster to treatment since we got the SlumberTop. So thank you.
David – Mangere Bridge

 VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! I used to wake up every morning with a sore back and hips that I could hardly move for a few hours (didn’t help that the bed is now 10 years old and too expensive to replace). Since sleeping on this for the last 3 weeks, I’ve woken up without any pain. None! I’ve also had better quality sleep as the mattress is sooo comfortable!! Hubby loves it too and feels more refreshed in the mornings as well. Very cost effective compared to replacing the entire bed. A+++++

Leesa – Castor Bay

 I purchased a new bed about 4 years ago with a firm mattress. I sleep on my side & over time aches in my hips and neck got worse causing me to turn almost every 20 minutes through the night disturbing my sleep considerably. I then invested in this topper and have not had a single problem with my hips since, turn far less overnight and feel more rested. Do not think twice about investing in a topper if you have similar problems to me. Fast delivery too.

Brian – Whangarei

 I suffer from compression fractures in the Thoracic and Lumber spine,making sleep a mission at times. Most comfortable sleep that I have had for many months over the past three nights. I should have purchased the Slumbertop years ago.                                                                                                                 Terry - Whangarei